Rejecting Generation Z

imageFrom guycatling.tumblr.com

Whoever you are and whatever form of rejection you imposed on to any of us, shame on you. You’re cruel. No, actually, this whole situation is cruel. How did selection and the need for exclusivity get this bad? If not accepting someone into your clique was grounds for a Violation Report in kindergarten, then all of you should be receiving sanctions right now.

At this stage and in this generation, all competitions and quotas are life impending. All everyone wants to do is to achieve and to succeed. We keep moving and moving. We never stop on pursuing because we are all given that glimmering chance of hope that whatever it is we want or aspire to be we can acquire, but we forget that we are a billion in this mindset fighting for the same things. We forget that external influences drive us mad because we all want the same colleges, the same partner, the same titles, the same opportunities, and the same achievements. The only problem is colleges have cut-off rates, courses have quotas, people have only one love, competitions have only one winner and there are billions of us.

The thing is, the universe is out to lead you onOkay, I’m not making hugot here and I’m not even talking about love- unless, you want to talk about love. I’ve just noticed that the advertising, the need, the want, and the desperation to be included has gone off the wall. Everyone is making it look like a certain option is your only way in the system and that it’s easy to get what you want. You can see this through all the “Ano ba yan! Kaya mo yan!” statements being thrown here and there. Well, you know what? Things are not gonna be so easy, so don’t make it sound easy. What I honestly hate the most are those who say, “Don’t study na! The test is basics lang naman eh!” Okay, that is a lie. The tests are going to be hard. You don’t have time to chill. You need to study now. The same goes for the “I think he/she is just being pakipot. I think they’re into you!” or the “Maybe they just weren’t able to fully see your entry.” You know, I appreciate the kind gesture of trying to make light of the situation but I really don’t think sugar coating would really take away the fact that it’s not meant to be.

The worst part is how it makes you feel. I know it’s petty. I know I sound really pathetic, but I was hurt. I don’t need to be heartbroken to be hurt, but I am hurt. I don’t know what you mean by not accepting me. Does this mean I’m not good enough? I’m not at par with your standards? I’m ugly? I’m not worth much? Honestly, the worst part is not knowing why you didn’t get it. Why did they get it? You are left with all these questions that will never be answered and you just have to live with it. I’m just so fed up of hoping and trying. I can’t take the media that comes along with it. This must be the worst part.It’s literally like you’re rubbing it into our faces that we didn’t get it even if I know it’s not your intention.

I just hope I do get something out of this. I hope that there is a bigger meaning to all this. Then again, here we go again betting our luck in that hope. Isn’t it crazy how hope is the very thing that destroys us, yet keeps us alive? I don’t know why, but it is. I think it’s just the natural course of reactions that complement our choices in life. The world may not be perfect, but it is one hell of a show. Just like how all shows begin and end, the audience members are neither inflicted nor scratched. They are simply moved by the emotions driven by their humanity and this is how I know we’ll all be okay. Because trials are just obstacles that touch our hearts too fervently and we must be able to leave the auditorium with a new perspective and a stronger heart.

P.S. To anyone who reads this. I’m not mad or sad. I just felt like making a post that is relate-able. I’m not really going through anything like this. I just felt like writing.


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