RB Book Club Selection: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Welcome to Ralyn Basa’s Book Club! 

I have been doing nothing but reading this summer and I kinda like my hermatistic life these past few days, so I’ve decided to start my own book reviews. I’ll be doing reviews on a selection of books that my friend, Ralyn Basa, introduces to me. Most of them are terrific indie reads, but like I said they’re indie so they aren’t that popular. I’ll be giving you the blurb (Back cover of the book with the synopsis- I think they’re important because they say a lot about what you’re getting into, so I hate it when they replace that part with quotes or a picture. Big eff you to the guy who started that trend), my thoughts before reading the book, and my thoughts after reading the book. I hope all the book lovers out there who don’t know what to read next enjoy this segment of my blog.


When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Hearts get infiltrated.
Promises get broken.
Rules get shattered.
Love gets ugly.

Before Reading

After reading the blurb for the first time and having an intense conversation with Ralyn about whether I should read this book or not, I was having a hard time deciding whether this book was a typical friends with benefits romance novel or a major drama. I have already read Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless, Losing Hope, and Finding Cinderella, so I know what her style is, which is big dramatic revelations. I didn’t know if I was ready for it, because CoHo herself said that Miles Archer was the only male character she wrote that made her cry. I ended up reading it once I found out that there were more than 3 hot pilots in the book and that it is going to be a movie soon with Nick Bateman as Miles- I’m a sucker for adaptations and Abercrombie models.

After Reading (w/ Spoilers)

I didn’t cry, which is unlikely for me because I always cry. I don’t know why but I didn’t know what to feel after everything’s been said and done. I didn’t like Miles for Rachel. I hated them being together because I don’t believe in knowing who you’re gonna love by first glance. Honestly, she could’ve been a bi** and he was just too blinded by his “love” to see it. I found the relationship so unhealthy. You can’t make someone your everything especially at the age of 18, but it is realistic. To top it all off they had a baby. Then the baby died and everything went haywire. I know it’s wrong because someone just died, but I think it was God telling them, “Hey! This isn’t the path for you. You’re too young.” so he shouldn’t have been so hard on himself. I mean like damn. 6 years. I also get it tho, that was his son. Gosh.

I just really hated their situation so much. I hate how cold he became. I hate how much Tate tried because if I were her I would’ve walked out weeks ago, but I guess that was also God putting a person like that with a person like Miles because without Tate, Miles would still be broken. I love how they were at the end tho. He was so #proposalgoals at the end. I wish they extended the ending because I loved seeing them happy.

Thinking about it, I like the book. If it was able to make me think like that and protest like that, then I surely found it interesting. A fact supporting this would also be that I couldn’t put it down and I really wanted to know what would happen next even if we were near the ending.

That’s my take on Ugly Love. I hope you like it or hate it or at least have an opinion about it. If you do feel free to comment down below!

Your Bae Rey,

Mika Reyes


To the PC after us and the PC after them (I’m not talking about computers)

Dear Future Prom Committee,

First and foremost, good luck! You’ll need it. Okay, not to pressure you or anything but the whole idea of a magical high school night is in your hands- like I said no pressure. Yup, no. I can’t do this anymore. There is a lot of pressure of course. If you read my blog then you would’ve read “The Truth About Prom” wherein I talk about a mythical magical night. I did contradict that statement by saying you can create your own magical night. Guess what, that “creating” I’m talking about would be 40% the promticipants and 60% the prom committee, so you guys are really really important. No matter how small you think your job is, it’ll actually be a tremendous help! No sponsorship no money, no invites no guests, no awards no winners, no decors- well hell who would want a prom with no decors? You know what I’m saying? Yeah, I know it’s a lot of pressure especially because batchmates can be a little-lot-bit judgmental but you were chosen for a reason, so I just know that you will fight for the perfect night till the end no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears will be shed. Yes, maybe a little blood, a lotta sweat (Don’t worry that’s calories too!), and a hella lot of tears! With everything said and done, I would really just wanna say good luck again! That’s all.

Particularly for the Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee…

I may not be the best person to give advice because I spent hours putting my taray voice on for company calls but ended up empty handed, so I’ll just give you tips about things I know!

  1. BE STRONG! A lot of people will think you’re just a whiny high school student asking for adult help like a little baby asking mommy for a bottle, but you’re not! You are a sophisticated business-y person in an adult world.You know what you want and you won’t take any spoon feeding cr*p!
  2. Do not be a tardy pants! Once you are informed of a project, you get on it faster than ASAP. Do not wait for a follow-up because by the time someone follows-up on you and by the time you follow-up that follow-up, you’d already be served up by your head. It would seriously be too late and that happens a lot in the Sponsorship/Fundraising Business!
  3. Do not give up! There were so many times wherein I felt so discouraged because no one was biting my line. I wasn’t getting any sponsor as in zilt! Just keep pushing for what you need and never be afraid to ask help especially from your PA.
  4. Compromise! You have to be a chameleon! Is that the right lizard? Basta, you have to be flexible with your committee mates and your schedule. If you really want it, then you’ll spare a bit of me time for work time!
  5. If all else fails, help the other committees. Make yourself useful; promote when needed, do inventories, pack souvenirs, test souvenirs, make iced tea, convince classmates, convince teachers, convince principals, convince yayas. Just do something. You will always find work to do in PromComm!

The golden rule is to have fun, guys! As long as you “love your job” (*wink* Awards Comm ’16 *wink*) you can get through the over popular prom night!


With all my love, I bid thee goodbye and may good fortunes be brought to your prom night! 

I have so much faith in you, guys! Especially my Fundraising Babies namely; Camilo De Guzman, Kirsten Mayuga, Zoie Garcia, and their abroad head Vicky Manalo! 


Mika Reyes


Thoughts That Probably Crossed Your Mind During #OTRA Manila 

Hi guys, 

As you all probably already know, One Directions recently visited Mah-Nila Mah-Nila! I watched the concert alongside my fellow Directioners on the second day of the On The Road Again Tour in Manila. I know lotsa people say that the second day was waaay different from the first day, but I bet we were all channeling the same vibe when the boys were going down and dirty with their ama-Zayn vocals (Lol- no. He didn’t show up). 




  1. “DAMMIT! It was just a dream? Maybe it was a prophecy not a dream… A girl can dream hehe!” Admit it girls we all dream about how a celebrity will meet us in a crowded concert and will ask us out because we’re actually actually really good looking but we’re just insecure then vavavoom we get married and have beautiful talented British babies. Yeah, I had a good dose of those dreams the night before OTRA.  
  3. “Let’s pray that maybe someone will scout us and give us upgraded tickets or meet and greets since we’re so early!” Oh you know we all hoped the same thing, dear. 
  4. DAMMIT! DAMMIT! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE LINED UP ALREADY? It’s freaking 7am!” Apparently, Directioners are morning people- Well if it means fighting for the closest spot to the stage. Oh and darling, 7am is late in concert text book. Yep, L-A-T-E! 
  5. “Okay, I’ll eat first and then you eat next or I can buy us our food. Waddya think? No, not both of us! Defend your line, woman!” Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Fries, Ice Cream, Nuggets (*wink wink*), and Brocolli (*double wink wink*) will have to wait for my future husbands. It’s called true love. Just saying. 
  6. “OMG! OMG! AHHHHH DID THEY PASS BY???” No, someone just showered the fans with water or they showed 5SOS’s music video again. 
  7. HOLD MAH SHIZ! THAT RATCHET ASS MOFO JUST CUT IN FRONT OF ME SO IMMA CUT HER P1300 SHIRT MERCH!” I swear to mah goodness gracious there were some real ratchet ass basic beaches in that concert! Sumi-simple pa sila! I see you and I will not hesitate. I might look nice but if you cross me I will cut you.
  8. “I can’t take it anymore… Let’s just upgrade the ticket already.” My wallet “Cried Me A River”
  9. “WOOH! Alright! DJ KC IS ON! Get your sprak on theyre next!” *Show starts 1 hour after opening act* 
  10. “Darling, it’s okay. You tried, KC.” I don’t know if it’s because we were all tired AF from the rain, we didn’t know the lyrics, or we heard too many get your motherfu**ing hands in the air. I felt like was the only one freaking out. It was probably the fact that there were mommies all around. 
  11. “Great. It’s raining. The only thing keeping me alive right now is the thought of them dripping in the rain. Oh yes.” 
  12. “Okay… wow. Rain stops when they get on stage.” They got us wet and kept us hanging.OMG! Really? Did they have God on speed dial and told him to make the rain stop? How’d they do that? I wanna know. It could be helpful some time. 
  13. “HUHUBELLS… Zayn, where art thou? It’s not the same without youu! The notes! The notes!” We still love you, but yeah… It wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same.
  14. “I’ve lived in Manila my whole life and I’ve never thought of saying Manila like that. Bravo. You da best, 1D!” Complete genius! Manila like Mah Nigga, Manila like Ariba, ManilaManilaManila- I was so fascinated. You deserve 10 star claps One Direction. 
  15. “I wish my name was Manila.” And I quote, “Manila you are so beautiful.” Why, thank you! Oh right my name isn’t Manila it’s Mika. 
  16. “Come on, Harry! You can do it! Throw in a little back arm, so I can reach your throw!” No matter how dismantled and ugly that water bottle is I still want one. 
  17. “That’s right! Little beach got my bottle from bae. Nuh-uh. No way in hell.” Hunger Games was renamed Thirsty Betches for the night.
  18. “He was totally looking at me when he sang Little Things.” Gurl, in gen ad? Ya sure? 
  19. “THEYRE LEAVING?! WAIT WHY? OMG ILL MISS YOU… OH NO YOU DIDNT! DONT YOU DARE STAND ON YOUR SEATS! SECURITY ARE YOU SEEING THIS?” Okay, this really happened during the concert. Girls, I know ya thirsty, but please there are people behind you. Share the water. 
  20. “What just happened.” Now you cannot fathom your thoughts in to one due to the overwhelming euphoria you just encountered. Deep noh? This show deserved deep. It was incredible! 



   Hope you guys had as much fun as I did! 


Mika Reyes 

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Ang Pagibig Parang Jollibee Chicken Joy: Love in a nutshell

Hello, Everyone!

This blog post is for the ones who’ve loved and lost or the ones looking for the ones they would never want to lose.

This blog post is my official love post! We’ll be talking about love- all kinds of it! This time around, we’ll be tackling love in an extra different way because I’ll be explaining love through something we all love, which is food! Aminin mo na! Mahal mo rin ang pagkain! Pa-Ceasar Salad ka pa eh alam mo naman gusto mo ng Chicken Joy!

Welcome to Ang Pagibig Parang Jollibee Chicken Joy: Love in a nutshell

It all starts with where you get yourself into.

Chicken Joy: Pagpasok mo sa Jollibee mago-order ka ng Bucket Meal kung hindi ka nagiisip at basta basta mo nalang ino-order yung meal pwedeng ibigay sayo lahat ng pinaka maliit na part ng chicken (neck, wings, maliit na legs). Kaya dapat piliin mo yung mga nilalagay sa bucket meal mo!

Puso mo: When you’re looking for the one, you can’t place yourself in horrible locations where you’ll find all the wrong people. You have to choose the places you go and the people you meet! Wag mo ibabasta-basta lang ang buhay mo!

Then you have to make the most of what you have.


Chicken Joy: My God! Marami yan! Sa Chicken Joy marami kang choices na chicken! Tingnan mo naman ang lahat ng pwedeng kainin sa fried chicken. You really have a variety! Some may be unsatisfying and some may be just right, but we’ll get to that later on!

Puso mo: Ano ka, bakla! Marami ring choices sa boylaloos and girlaloos of the world! Minsan hindi mo lang nakikita! Hindi lahat mga gago baka galit ka lang sa ex mo! Hay… may pinaghuhugutan ka lang! Anyways, we have the pakipots, the overachievers, the lambotchingers (malandi), the madaldal, the in-the-closet, the athletes, the kung ano ano at iba pa!

Ang pagpili hindi madali. Hunger Games lang ang peg.


Chicken Joy: Inilagay mo na ang bucket meal mo sa table ninyo! Alam mo na ang susunod. Unahan ang pagkuha sa pinakamasarap na chicken- yung pinakamalaman! Minsan nauunahan ka sa gusto mong thighs or breasts ng chicken, minsan naman nakukuha mo ang gusto mo! Actually, sa diskarte naman yan kung gaano kabilis ang pagkuha mo or how hungry you are! Sometimes you are left with a piece you don’t really like kasi nakuha na yung iba and you just want to eat something. Minsan rin on a diet ka, so hindi ka kakain pero in the long run may abs ka naman!

Puso mo: Don’t you notice na parang all the good people are already taken? It’s like hello wala na bang naiwan sa amin? Pero meron yan promise! Sometimes choosing is hard lang talaga eh! Some people will find you attractive and some won’t. You can never really get what you want, but when you do you’ll be unbelievably satisfied or you get something you don’t really want, but then you realize it made you satisfied naman or in chicken joy terms busog ka na! Other people wait out and in the long run they’ll meet the one! Love is hard! It’s the most unpredictable thing, but like Chicken Joy kung tapos ka na sa isang chicken at hindi ka pa busog, you can always get another piece from the bucket! There are many chickens in the farm! #GawaKoLangYan

Mukhang masama. Bobo! Mukha palang masama kaya wag ka nang gumawa ng excuses!

yung dalawa

Chicken Joy: May mga chicken na talagang masama para sayo! Yung tipong sobrang oily and bad for your health! The ones that go straight to your thighs talaga! The ones na you have to spend 2 hours sa treadmill para matunaw sa tyan mo! Sometimes naman, you don’t know it’s an oily chicken pala! You only realize it’s unhealthy after your first bite! Please lang for your health, don’t eat those chickens! Nakikita mo naman sa labas palang na oozing with oil na si kuya eh!

Puso mo: There are a lot of gagos out there! Sometimes, you can spot them easily kasi their kagaguhan is right in front of you. Sometimes rin, you only notice na theres a lot of baggage once you take your first shot at the person! You gotta love yourself before you love others, so you have to fix up your life before getting into a relationship. It doesn’t mean na all the ones that aren’t for you are necessarily mean. Sometimes, they just don’t get themselves yet or you don’t get yourself yet. Once you know it’s bad for you, get out of it immediately, because like chicken it can give you baggage- baggage in the stomach, thighs, legs and then poof, wala nang bikini body! Mataba ka na teh! Kaya wag kang tanga kasi minsan love is not blind, it’s just tanga (via Ramon Bautista).

There are only 3 types of people you’ll ever date; The Heartbreaker, The Brokenhearted, and The One.


Hello po,

Ako po si Brokenhearted. Naalala mo pa ba ako? Malamang hindi! Kasi nagmove on ka na sa ibang syota mo! I’m the one you made paasa, the one that you never really liked, the one who was not good enough, the one you suddenly stopped talking to, the one you used, the rebound, the one you just didn’t love enough! That doesn’t mean my love was the right kind of love and you just didn’t see it. It just meant you noticed it wasn’t right before I did. No matter who I am or what I do, whether I’m the boy who was rejected in prom, the girl who kept texting you but you never replied, or the one who you just lost touch with, I thought I loved you and I’m kinda glad it’s over. Kinain mo lang ako at tinapon, pero okay lang yan! Ibibigay naman ako sa mga aso o iluluto ako ulit bilang isang La Paz Batchoy sa karendirya kaya okay lang po ako! May pag-asa pa!




Hoy si Heartbreaker toh!

Ako si Heartbreaker! Ako ang nakipagbreak sayo! I’m the one who crushed your heart with a few words like, “Its not you its me”, “Ayoko na sayo! Panget ka!”, “I think we need time off!”, “PUMUNTA KA NA SA BABAE MO!”, at iba pa. Hindi naman na hindi kita minahal ever at wala akong feelings sayo ever. I’m just not in the same speed as you when it came to love. I didn’t think it was the right time or the right moment or maybe you weren’t the right person and I noticed that kaagad. Sorry ah! Hindi naman na kung ikaw yung nagbreak heartless ka at wala akong naramdam noong brineak kita. I felt bad too. Some might not feel bad kasi well you just weren’t a priority, but believe me some felt bad rin talaga. Hindi madali ang nakikipagbreak. You just know that it’s not worth the time anymore and you both deserve someone better. That’s really the point of why I did it. I can be anyone and you can be me. Sometimes, it just happens. Ako yung kumain at bigla nalang nabusog kaya hindi nalang tinuloy.



the one

Hi Beh! This is the one calling! 

Miss na miss na kita! I love you talaga! Pero this love is not a love like A Walk to Remember kasi hindi naman ako namatay and this is not a love like The Notebook kasi hindi naman tayo nagseperate for a long time. This love is just right. It may not be crazy, but I’ll be there for you. You’re not gonna need me because you’re gonna want me. You’ll be an entire whole person who I will just appreciate and compliment. I will never want you to change because I love every single part of you. You will be my best friend and my lover. We’ll joke about the same things, argue on whether Coke is better than Pepsi, and we’ll just be ourselves when we’re together. We may have not met yet and we might not meet tomorrow, but I will be in your future. Just don’t be too scared to love me when I do come tumbling in your life. I love you. I’m in love with you. I will love you for the rest of my life.


The one

Pagkain at Pagmamahal


Round 1: Hindi mo pa siya kinakain pero nakikita mo na siya! Mukhang masarap! Oh em! Could this be the one?

Round 2: Kinakain mo na siya. Mukhang mabait naman pero lahat naman mabait the first time you meet them. You’re starting to get to know the person all their quirks and traits. Wala pang masamang nangyayari kasi you’ve only just met and everything is still fine. Malaman pa siya kasi! Lahat ng kinakain mo masarap pa!

Round 3: Nauubusan ka na ng meat. You already know the person inside and out, but there are just some things that you know they’re hiding so you try to get the most out of it by eating all the nooks and crannys of the chicken. Nasasarapan ka pa ba once you’ve gotten everything out of the person and once you know every small detail about the person, even the bad things?

Now there are 2 Round 4s. You can either;

Round 4.1: Be contented because your meal is finished. You don’t need another meal because that one was just enough and just right. You’re happy and full. #FullofLove 😉


This is an example of a person who found the one. Kitang kita naman na sobrang nasasarapan sa buhay at sa pagkakain! Go lang, Mudra!


Round 4.2: You can always eat another chicken, because there are many chickens in the farm. Hoping to God mabubusog ka na sa isa pang chicken na kakainin mo kasi ayaw mo nang tumaba sa Valentines Day! Hihi


Example A ng Round 4.2! Kain lang ng kain kasi pagkain is my love life! Don’t worry masaya namang kumain! Hindi ba?

I hope you like my Valentines Day Special! Pinaghirapan ko yan!

You can ask me for more things you want to know about love or love advice because there were a lot of things I wanted to say, but wasn’t able to.

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! 


Mika Reyes


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#HugotMore Before Vday 4th Day

Hello Everyone!

It’s the last day I’ll be posting a #HugotMore love letter! Tell me if you want more, so I can bring it back one day! Hopefully, if I can do it earlier then I’ll be having a Valentine’s Day special! It’s all about love. Here’s one from David Bayang!


Keep the #Hugot!

Mika Reyes