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Things You’ve Realized Now That You’re a Senior

Everyone needs to stop with the ‘It’s your last year. It’ll be a breeze.’ I swear, I’m going to cut the next person who says that. Senior year has its perks, but really being the eldest in the building isn’t much of a whopper. I’ll be validating this with ya’ll with an eye-opening experience on how it feels like to be rubbed raw and graduating, whether you’ve been-there-done-that or you’re currently in my state of bipolarity (If that’s even a word).

State of the Nation 

(Yes, I’m bringing back The Clique)


  • Your teachers don’t require you to stand up to recite anymore or raise your hand. Thank God! I was actually forming an ass with all that standing and sitting.

  • Sometimes you can just leave to go to the restroom. Self Explanatory.

  • Some of your classmates Glowed. Oooh! New(?) Eye Candy!

  • Eating is allowed in some subjects. Self Explanatory.

picture taking

Pardon my editing skills.

  • Using your phone is allowed in some subjects. Leading us to the, “Sir, pwedeng ipicture?”

  • You practically just need to complete your requirements. Its really up to you with what you wanna do in class. Yun lang, if you dont pass you fail.

  • You don’t have to attend all your classes. You’re probably excused 30% of the time, the other 20% will be absents due to personal tamad reasons, and the other 50% of the time you’ll be in class.

  • You’re close to your org now. You’re also probably either part of core or an active member because you’re not the org baby anymore. Time to make inis the YGs with continuous ‘Awwww’s and ‘CUTE’s.

  • You are not fooled by the same expensive ass canteen food that just appears in different colors everyday. You bring cute baon! OMG! I have a friend who gets her mom to do really cute designs for her baon!

  • You kinda know everyone already, so you know where you can get “help” for your homework (wink wink).


  • Everyone’s favorite word now is defense or presentation.

  • SOME of your batch mates Glowed. Plus, your cougar instincts must be kept in a dark hollow cranny in your mind.

  • You still have to bring some stuff. On my first day of Senior year, I didn’t bring anything and we were required to write so many introduction papers- Like we didn’t know each other already. But yeah, just a tip for my… Er, younger- than-me readers; Bring at least a pen and paper on your first day. At least.

  • You don’t even get what is going on with these online applications. They’re already flying patatas late and then they won’t even accept your village because Google has freaking connection problems.

  • Complete your requirements. Well, thats pretty easy. I THINK NOT. Doesn’t the administration understand how hard it is to balance your school work, with your extra curricular work, with your CET or SAT reviews, while keeping a healthy hygienic body? They’re just trying to kill us.

  • I dare you to try missing a class. Subukan mo lang. Sige, we’ll see if you’ll still keep up to speed.

  • You have no choice, but to make sure you have food for the afternoon every morning. Actually, I love bringing my own food. This shouldn’t even be here.

  • YOU KINDA KNOW EVERYONE ALREADY. Now where’s the thrill in that?

Senior year is hella tough, but it is equally fun. I’ve realized that the more you do, the more you experience. Obviously, you’ll be getting into a ton of rollercoaster rides when you put yourself out there. I’ve decided that in my last year of high school I’d rather have an equal share of laughs and cries, rather than a few fun times without hardships in mind. I know it sounds tiring but to hell with it, right? Its my last year and I’m going to live it to its full extent! That sounded so cliché. Ew. Sorry about that even if it is true.

I actually created my own Senior Year Bucket List. I’m too shy to post it, but if viewers persist I might. I think it’s great to have a bunch of goals of wishes and desires. I have an idea though. I want to make one big Senior Year Bucket List we can all use and edit. I’d have to brush off the HTMLs and Joomlas, but we will soon have to see!

All the love,

Mika Reyes

P.S. None of the pictures are mine! Paper Towns is amazing its advisable for all those graduating this year! 🙂


Let’s Not Carpe This Effing Diem, But Let’s Party as Man Should in Anotherland

Okay, I’m not going to start this article with the usual, “Let’s Carpe this effing Diem!” or “It’ll be the sickest night of your mothafu*king lives” like your usual HS rave parties in the bahay or the super yehey venues where you get invited to- OMG! Forbes Park! Because this party is not like your usual Saturday swing outs. This May 29, 2015 Axell Entertainment will be having Anotherland in FEU Block, South Corporate avenue of Filinvest City, Manila and they will show you why God created man, and how man created fun.

You’re probably wondering why I have so much faith in this establishment. Well, creating fun is harder than it looks. You know what I mean. We’ve all had a fair share of very weak raves, so I don’t blame you. But this Music Festival will be different and I have cold hard facts to prove it.
Fact 1: Anotherland is patterned after multiple European Music Festivals and we all know how the Europeans party. Here’s a heads up; Tomorrowland, Donauinselfest, Sziget, and much more. Check this website for a run down of all European Music Festivals: http://www.festicket.com/festivals/
Fact 2: How could you go wrong with Anotherland’s theme, Sin City. You could finally pull on your best bad girl Jessica Alba look or your tough guy Bruce Willis act without being judged. The best part is you’ll feel completely bad ass with all that B&W glory.
Fact 3: It’ll be just like Fast 7, but this time you can actually see the cars first hand. Bro, if I could just touch that Lykan Hypersport, my life would be complete. Your 2013 self, who was toying around GTA 5, will be rejoicing when he chances upon the cars they’ll showcase in Anotherland.
Fact 4: There will be Tattoo Hubs! Okay, a lot of people will strongly discourage you from getting a tattoo in a Music Festival because it’s permanent and the artist wouldn’t be focused, but this is only if you get a huge ass tattoo. I think it’s pretty cool if you get a small tattoo lamented on your skin, which will remind you of one awesome night. Since it’s small, it’ll be less likely screwed up.
You can even talk to the artists in their free time and maybe you’ll step it up a notch and figure out what their tattoos mean.
Fact 5: Have you seen the line up? All the other facts are kinda unnecessary after you’ve seen the line up. Like, really. I’m not even kidding right now. It’s actually why I placed this fact last because if it were the first fact then you wouldn’t have bothered to read everything else. We’ll be having DJ MC Ronthug, DJ Ace Ramos, Funk Avy, Deuce, Roda King, Carlo Atendido, Ron Poe, and Steal. If you haven’t been living a pretty basic af life for the past few years, then you would know why these DJs are Manila’s Best! They’ve been to every single best raves and parties all around town. Uniting them all as never done before would be incredible.The party will also be hosted by Zoe Alfonso, Axell, and Miyuki. I have the biggest girl crush on Zoe Alfonso!
Believe me now?
See you there.
Anotherland’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnotherlandPH?fref=ts
Mika Reyes

From Highschool to College in One Day: DLSU Student Media Congress

Hey everyone,

For those who didn’t know, we had DLSU’s Student Media Congress last July 25-26. I was a delegate of De La Salle Zobel and I must say, it was unbelievably amazing. Truly an incredible experience, especially for a high school student. Here’s why;

1. If you’re still in high school, like me, you’ll be able to experience the “college feel” first hand. Meaning; you’ll be able to switch classes, buildings, and classmates. You’ll make more friends and you’ll have an excuse to ask that cutie for directions. #LandianNa

All of these beautiful people became my friends during the second day of the Congress. Everyone was incredibly friendly and nice! They weren’t at all intimidating. Even if I was years younger, I felt as if magkaberks na kami!

Me: Happy Tea? I love Happy Tea! OMG! I love their rock salt there, yung caramelized pa! 

Chardy and Isabel: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anong Happy Tea?

Me: Ayy! Joke lang, Happy Lemon!

Chardy and Isabel: HAHAHAHA! Hindi rin yun! HAPPY T! As in Happy Thursday! Obvious nga highschool pa! 

2. If you’re taking Engineering, Medicine, Business, or any other course that is totally unrelated to Media, but you have a heart for the limelight this is the best place to (be)gin. *wink wink*

3. You get to enroll in different exciting workshops and they have A LOT of workshops! The packages are; 2 competing workshops, 3 non-competing workshops plus 1 competing workshop, or 4 non-competing workshops- well if I’m not mistaken it’s something like that, but I’m probably wrong about the 3 non competing, so check out their Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/DLSUSMC?fref=photo

I wasn’t able to enroll for the workshops before the second day because I was in my retreat during the first day of the congress, so I wasn’t able to register. But it’s okay because I got some pretty awesome classes even if some weren’t my first choice. The classes I took were Newspaper Operations, Blogging as an Influencer’s Driving Tool for Change, Wattpad: Redefining what it means to be a reader, and Disk Jockey 101.

3. The speakers for the workshops weren’t unaccomplished, lonely ass, I-have-nothing-better-to-do-in-my-life people. They were so fantastic, you’d think they’re inhuman. 

The speaker of “Newspaper Operations” was Ms. Marichu Villanueva, Associate Editor of The Philippine Star.

The Speaker of “Blogging as an Influencer’s Driving Tool for Change” was Mr. Anton Diaz, Founder of the Philippine’s #1 Travel and Food Blog ourawesomeplanet.com and Co-founder of Midnight Mercato.

The Speaker of “Wattpad: Redefining what it means to be a reader” was Ms. Louisse Carreon, Philippine Ambassador of Wattpad.

The Speaker of “Going Viral on Social Media” (A Class I didn’t take) was Ramon Bautista-My idol! So why didn’t you take the class, Mika? and if you didn’t get the class then how’d you get the selfie? Good Question and an even awesome-r story. I was on my way to Wattpad class mopping around about missing Ramon Bautista’s class when I saw him taking pictures with a bunch of girlaloos on the other side of the road, so like any other fan girl, I crossed the road running to him screaming, “YOU’RE RAMON BAUTISTA!” like he didn’t know his own name. I told him my situation and he said I could come to his seminar siya na bahala, but alas, the event organizers told him I can’t. I didn’t wanna push it so I proceeded to my next class. 

The Speaker of “Disk Jockey 101” was DJ TonyToni, member of Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out.

The Second Speaker of “Disk Jockey 101” was DJ Jojo, Magic 89.9’s Love Survivor.

4. Career wise, the SMC would probably be the best thing you could ever do to jump start your way into the business. In a way almost all the speakers have helped me. If not by deciding what course I would take up, then by giving me tips on my endeavors and promoting my work!

Mr. Anton Diaz has helped me the most. He promoted my blog post “HOHOL tayo sa DLSZ” on his Ourawesomeplanet Facebook and Twitter. 

DJ TonyToni and DJ Jojo both followed me on Instagram and DJ TonyToni gave all the participants his calling card in case we’re interested in joining the Magic of 89.9. He also gave us exact tips on how to make a demo. Spot me in the picture!

5. After a long day of working hard, we Lasallians surely know how to make up for that. We also party hard! This closing ceremony seemed like the Bomb-S, but unfortunately I would never know because I wasn’t able to go! Here’s the poster tho;


Well, that was my experience during DLSU’s Student Media Congress. What was yours? Feel free to share and repost this article with the hashtag #MySMCExp

Creds: Some pictures came from the Student Media Congress Facebook

Love you all,

Mika Reyes