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The Way Music Makes You Feel

I have been emotionally attached to an abstract feeling. I hear the rain outside my window mix with the majestic sound of the tenors and basses and it’s amazing.
I can’t seem to piece together why; why a melody could churn a heart, why I cry to crappy love songs when I’m heartbroken, and why I rejoice in upbeat tempos of fortissimo.
It appears to be a normal noise we all know, but it is also disguises itself as an unfamiliar sound of beauty. In waking moments like this I could just feel a presence, a sense of comfort.
I want to fall in love with a man the same way I fall in love with music .
I want the parts of the piece to completely compel me.
I want to feel the burning sensation in my chest when I feel a song has touched me.
I want to feel the warmth in my face as I begin to take in every lyric recited.
I want my heart to beat faster and faster as the tempo matches every pulse in the room.
I want every moment of this song were playing to make my life seem like it is far beyond whatever I thought it could be.
I want to be completely lost at a home I have found in no where.
I would never have survived without music.
I find the spirit in the melodies my favorite bands play. I find solemnity in the simplicity of quiet pieces. I find epiphany as every tone matches the wavelengths of my imperfectly wonderful life.
In this relationship, I will be the playful damsel dancing to each breath taking note you play.

#Happy, #Sad

#HugotMore Before Vday 4th Day

Hello Everyone!

It’s the last day I’ll be posting a #HugotMore love letter! Tell me if you want more, so I can bring it back one day! Hopefully, if I can do it earlier then I’ll be having a Valentine’s Day special! It’s all about love. Here’s one from David Bayang!


Keep the #Hugot!

Mika Reyes


One week of Summer: Challenge #2

Outfit Theme:



The Jessy Mendiola requires anything red and anything tight, so here is a picture of me on my United Colors of Benetton tank and F21 jeans, topped with a pair of heels. #Twinnies with my mom.

Foodie: I got too hungry, so I wasn’t able to take a picture. Sorry.

Challenge: I call it the “Jessy Mendiola”. I had to approach a table and get all the guys numbers by doing “the moves”.



Me, going for the kill.



I asked them if I could sit down. Hopefully, they havent seen the camera yet.



I don’t know what I did, but I made them laugh so I guess this is good.



Looks like they’re giving me their numbers.


Looks like the last guy is typing his number already!


The challenge was a success! I’ve got their numbers and their names. Thanks for being a part of the challenge, Sax, Gian, and Lance!