This Happened In Anotherland… Were you there?

Last May 29, 2015, we tore the south down with the sickest party that ever touched Filinvest grounds. I know some of you guys missed out in all the fun because ya’ll had to do something on Saturday morning or were really not in the mood- Boo! Since I’m awesome, I have decided to a little something for you guys! For those who missed Anotherland, I’ll be recalling the experience in writing so it’ll be like you guys were there too. Here it goes!
Opening (5pm-11pm): You arrive at the venue a little before 11, because who goes to a party at 5pm right? You could hear the music from your car window, even when you were still a few blocks away. The music was booming by the time you actually got out of your car. You walk the long road before reaching Anotherland until you see it. You see the barriers to the gates of another place, another world. Cars are lined up at the opening of the play ground. They’re filled with booming music, accessories, and girls. You feel like you just stepped in Furious 7. You give out your ticket. You get a stub and a glow stick, because you’re VIP. The place has food and tattoo shops inside the Gold section. You make your way to VIP and you see the stage. It was illuminating and the music was pounding harder as the night grew. There weren’t a lot of people yet, but you could already see the potential of some. You drank and ate while waiting for the crowd to grow.
Main Act (12pm-Onwards): The crowd got bigger all of a sudden. A lot of people you actually know started piling in the fest grounds. You and your friends greeted everyone else. The main act started playing and the crowd goes wild. People start pilling to the front giving out their best moves. You join in because who wouldn’t? You dance till your feet hurt. You know you’re not the best dancer out there, but at this moment you really just don’t care because everyone seems to be enjoying each other’s presence. You follow every command of the hosts. If they say put your hands up, then you do as your told. It seems like anything is possible at this moment. You could go for anything and do anything. Now the night goes on in your will. Will you talk to the hottie? Will you break out in dance? Will you triumph in the drinking games on the sides of VIP? It’s up to you.
The following day: Well, whatever you did yesterday made sure you aren’t getting out of bed properly today. You know maybe you should cancel your plans today.
Wish you went to Anotherland? I know you do. Don’t worry, Axell will providing us with more parties to come!
Anotherland’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnotherlandPH?fref=ts
Till next time,
Mika Reyes

Let’s Not Carpe This Effing Diem, But Let’s Party as Man Should in Anotherland

Okay, I’m not going to start this article with the usual, “Let’s Carpe this effing Diem!” or “It’ll be the sickest night of your mothafu*king lives” like your usual HS rave parties in the bahay or the super yehey venues where you get invited to- OMG! Forbes Park! Because this party is not like your usual Saturday swing outs. This May 29, 2015 Axell Entertainment will be having Anotherland in FEU Block, South Corporate avenue of Filinvest City, Manila and they will show you why God created man, and how man created fun.

You’re probably wondering why I have so much faith in this establishment. Well, creating fun is harder than it looks. You know what I mean. We’ve all had a fair share of very weak raves, so I don’t blame you. But this Music Festival will be different and I have cold hard facts to prove it.
Fact 1: Anotherland is patterned after multiple European Music Festivals and we all know how the Europeans party. Here’s a heads up; Tomorrowland, Donauinselfest, Sziget, and much more. Check this website for a run down of all European Music Festivals: http://www.festicket.com/festivals/
Fact 2: How could you go wrong with Anotherland’s theme, Sin City. You could finally pull on your best bad girl Jessica Alba look or your tough guy Bruce Willis act without being judged. The best part is you’ll feel completely bad ass with all that B&W glory.
Fact 3: It’ll be just like Fast 7, but this time you can actually see the cars first hand. Bro, if I could just touch that Lykan Hypersport, my life would be complete. Your 2013 self, who was toying around GTA 5, will be rejoicing when he chances upon the cars they’ll showcase in Anotherland.
Fact 4: There will be Tattoo Hubs! Okay, a lot of people will strongly discourage you from getting a tattoo in a Music Festival because it’s permanent and the artist wouldn’t be focused, but this is only if you get a huge ass tattoo. I think it’s pretty cool if you get a small tattoo lamented on your skin, which will remind you of one awesome night. Since it’s small, it’ll be less likely screwed up.
You can even talk to the artists in their free time and maybe you’ll step it up a notch and figure out what their tattoos mean.
Fact 5: Have you seen the line up? All the other facts are kinda unnecessary after you’ve seen the line up. Like, really. I’m not even kidding right now. It’s actually why I placed this fact last because if it were the first fact then you wouldn’t have bothered to read everything else. We’ll be having DJ MC Ronthug, DJ Ace Ramos, Funk Avy, Deuce, Roda King, Carlo Atendido, Ron Poe, and Steal. If you haven’t been living a pretty basic af life for the past few years, then you would know why these DJs are Manila’s Best! They’ve been to every single best raves and parties all around town. Uniting them all as never done before would be incredible.The party will also be hosted by Zoe Alfonso, Axell, and Miyuki. I have the biggest girl crush on Zoe Alfonso!
Believe me now?
See you there.
Anotherland’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnotherlandPH?fref=ts
Mika Reyes

Almost a month after The #CandyFair2014

Hey guys,

Can you believe it? It’s almost been a month after the #CandyFair2014! I would have to say that this year’s fair is the best one yet! It was absolutely amazing! The crowd was simply perfect, the new line-up of cuties was exceptional, the performers were breathtaking and everything was just really awesome, so here’s a look back to the best night of lives- or maybe of just last month!


(L-R) Leo Priagola and I

Thank you to Leo Priago for my make-up!




Entering the Candy Fair and the view from our seats backstage!


(L-R) Me, Kathleen Francisco, and Sam Labrador


(L-R) Me, Ian Sta. Maria, and Sam Labrador

Mah girls backstage!


(L-R) Manolo Pedrosa, Me, and Axel Torres

Sorry Manolo, if I made you feel OP when Axel and I were talking about Zobel stuff!


(L-R) LA Aguinaldo and I

The first time I met LA was a few years ago and he was still a new cutie. He was incredibly sweet, telling me pa that I could someday work as a Candy Girl one day (Fortune teller ba siya?!?) and after which spoke to my mom- I was surprised too! Now it’s been 2 years and I’m so so proud of him!


(L-R) Me and Enrique Gil

This picture has a story, but I feel like it’s too personal a story to tell online! Ask me nalang in person if you wanna know!


(L-R) RD Monasterio and I

Reunited from The Candy Fair ’13! Nice seeing this guy again!


(L-R) Ice Tugot and I

The only boy from the guys I sent for the Candy Cuties who got in! So proud of Mr. Ice!


(L-R) Me and Mathew Custodio

Because Bianca Mascenon told me to meet him… bait niya in fairness!


(L-R) Me and Kaye Robles

Ms. Kaye was walking around the fair grounds you guys! I just had to take a picture with one of the best bosses ever! Sayang! I wasn’t able to get a pic with the rest of the Candy Team!



(L-R) Alyssa Sebastian, Cassandra Carlos, Me, and Bianca Benedicto

You guys don’t know how happy I was when I saw y’all!




Middle Picture: (L-R) Me, Sam Labrador, and Kathleen Francisco

#OOTD: EDM Ready!



Quen’s performance!



The Candy Finale! Everyone’s favorite Teddy Bear grabbing moment!

So that was the Candy Fair that took place a month ago! Let’s take a moment to process the best day ever… Okay, done? Yep, I still can’t believe it either. Oh well, till next time cuties!


Mika Reyes