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Things You’ve Realized Now That You’re a Senior

Everyone needs to stop with the ‘It’s your last year. It’ll be a breeze.’ I swear, I’m going to cut the next person who says that. Senior year has its perks, but really being the eldest in the building isn’t much of a whopper. I’ll be validating this with ya’ll with an eye-opening experience on how it feels like to be rubbed raw and graduating, whether you’ve been-there-done-that or you’re currently in my state of bipolarity (If that’s even a word).

State of the Nation 

(Yes, I’m bringing back The Clique)


  • Your teachers don’t require you to stand up to recite anymore or raise your hand. Thank God! I was actually forming an ass with all that standing and sitting.

  • Sometimes you can just leave to go to the restroom. Self Explanatory.

  • Some of your classmates Glowed. Oooh! New(?) Eye Candy!

  • Eating is allowed in some subjects. Self Explanatory.

picture taking

Pardon my editing skills.

  • Using your phone is allowed in some subjects. Leading us to the, “Sir, pwedeng ipicture?”

  • You practically just need to complete your requirements. Its really up to you with what you wanna do in class. Yun lang, if you dont pass you fail.

  • You don’t have to attend all your classes. You’re probably excused 30% of the time, the other 20% will be absents due to personal tamad reasons, and the other 50% of the time you’ll be in class.

  • You’re close to your org now. You’re also probably either part of core or an active member because you’re not the org baby anymore. Time to make inis the YGs with continuous ‘Awwww’s and ‘CUTE’s.

  • You are not fooled by the same expensive ass canteen food that just appears in different colors everyday. You bring cute baon! OMG! I have a friend who gets her mom to do really cute designs for her baon!

  • You kinda know everyone already, so you know where you can get “help” for your homework (wink wink).


  • Everyone’s favorite word now is defense or presentation.

  • SOME of your batch mates Glowed. Plus, your cougar instincts must be kept in a dark hollow cranny in your mind.

  • You still have to bring some stuff. On my first day of Senior year, I didn’t bring anything and we were required to write so many introduction papers- Like we didn’t know each other already. But yeah, just a tip for my… Er, younger- than-me readers; Bring at least a pen and paper on your first day. At least.

  • You don’t even get what is going on with these online applications. They’re already flying patatas late and then they won’t even accept your village because Google has freaking connection problems.

  • Complete your requirements. Well, thats pretty easy. I THINK NOT. Doesn’t the administration understand how hard it is to balance your school work, with your extra curricular work, with your CET or SAT reviews, while keeping a healthy hygienic body? They’re just trying to kill us.

  • I dare you to try missing a class. Subukan mo lang. Sige, we’ll see if you’ll still keep up to speed.

  • You have no choice, but to make sure you have food for the afternoon every morning. Actually, I love bringing my own food. This shouldn’t even be here.

  • YOU KINDA KNOW EVERYONE ALREADY. Now where’s the thrill in that?

Senior year is hella tough, but it is equally fun. I’ve realized that the more you do, the more you experience. Obviously, you’ll be getting into a ton of rollercoaster rides when you put yourself out there. I’ve decided that in my last year of high school I’d rather have an equal share of laughs and cries, rather than a few fun times without hardships in mind. I know it sounds tiring but to hell with it, right? Its my last year and I’m going to live it to its full extent! That sounded so cliché. Ew. Sorry about that even if it is true.

I actually created my own Senior Year Bucket List. I’m too shy to post it, but if viewers persist I might. I think it’s great to have a bunch of goals of wishes and desires. I have an idea though. I want to make one big Senior Year Bucket List we can all use and edit. I’d have to brush off the HTMLs and Joomlas, but we will soon have to see!

All the love,

Mika Reyes

P.S. None of the pictures are mine! Paper Towns is amazing its advisable for all those graduating this year! 🙂


To the PC after us and the PC after them (I’m not talking about computers)

Dear Future Prom Committee,

First and foremost, good luck! You’ll need it. Okay, not to pressure you or anything but the whole idea of a magical high school night is in your hands- like I said no pressure. Yup, no. I can’t do this anymore. There is a lot of pressure of course. If you read my blog then you would’ve read “The Truth About Prom” wherein I talk about a mythical magical night. I did contradict that statement by saying you can create your own magical night. Guess what, that “creating” I’m talking about would be 40% the promticipants and 60% the prom committee, so you guys are really really important. No matter how small you think your job is, it’ll actually be a tremendous help! No sponsorship no money, no invites no guests, no awards no winners, no decors- well hell who would want a prom with no decors? You know what I’m saying? Yeah, I know it’s a lot of pressure especially because batchmates can be a little-lot-bit judgmental but you were chosen for a reason, so I just know that you will fight for the perfect night till the end no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears will be shed. Yes, maybe a little blood, a lotta sweat (Don’t worry that’s calories too!), and a hella lot of tears! With everything said and done, I would really just wanna say good luck again! That’s all.

Particularly for the Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee…

I may not be the best person to give advice because I spent hours putting my taray voice on for company calls but ended up empty handed, so I’ll just give you tips about things I know!

  1. BE STRONG! A lot of people will think you’re just a whiny high school student asking for adult help like a little baby asking mommy for a bottle, but you’re not! You are a sophisticated business-y person in an adult world.You know what you want and you won’t take any spoon feeding cr*p!
  2. Do not be a tardy pants! Once you are informed of a project, you get on it faster than ASAP. Do not wait for a follow-up because by the time someone follows-up on you and by the time you follow-up that follow-up, you’d already be served up by your head. It would seriously be too late and that happens a lot in the Sponsorship/Fundraising Business!
  3. Do not give up! There were so many times wherein I felt so discouraged because no one was biting my line. I wasn’t getting any sponsor as in zilt! Just keep pushing for what you need and never be afraid to ask help especially from your PA.
  4. Compromise! You have to be a chameleon! Is that the right lizard? Basta, you have to be flexible with your committee mates and your schedule. If you really want it, then you’ll spare a bit of me time for work time!
  5. If all else fails, help the other committees. Make yourself useful; promote when needed, do inventories, pack souvenirs, test souvenirs, make iced tea, convince classmates, convince teachers, convince principals, convince yayas. Just do something. You will always find work to do in PromComm!

The golden rule is to have fun, guys! As long as you “love your job” (*wink* Awards Comm ’16 *wink*) you can get through the over popular prom night!


With all my love, I bid thee goodbye and may good fortunes be brought to your prom night! 

I have so much faith in you, guys! Especially my Fundraising Babies namely; Camilo De Guzman, Kirsten Mayuga, Zoie Garcia, and their abroad head Vicky Manalo! 


Mika Reyes

#Happy, #Sad

Why you don’t cheer up

Hello world,

I’m 15 years old and I believe that I am in that awkward stage. Can I get an Amen, Momma? My mom believes that everyone experiences the “Abnoy” stage and that me and my sister are currently in it. I don’t think I have the guts to be rebellious and sneak out of the house at 3am to party with my friends, so I’m more of the mopping around, I hate my life, cry my eye balls out type of “Abnoy”. Well, thats what I think.

Sometimes I feel like crying about the simplest things or about nothing at all, so I watch The Notebook or The Fault in Our Stars over again just so I have a reason to cry. This goes on for days. I even think to myself, “Why the hell am I not in The Pursuit of Happiness, Kid Cudi? I’m a junior in high school and every one says that high school was the “best of days of their lives”! Bleh, Etchoseros.” Leading to the day I barricaded myself in my room and re-watched the whole Awkward Series and saw this;

Sweet Baby Jesus, Thank you for Jenna’s Dad!

I then realized that this is so totally correct-ermahgerd. I’m playing with you guys. I don’t talk like that, but I do believe that this quote is amazingly correct. Don’t you ever wonder why is it when we’re depressed and all we stay depressed for days, whether it’s because your 3 year relationship ended, or you failed your mid-term exams, or you realized you can’t make fetch happen, you just can’t get out of the rut. Well, it’s because you do all the wrong things while you’re sad. You freaking watch The Notebook again just so you have a reason to cry. For Heaven’s Sake, don’t be like me.

It would be terribly cruel to present you with a problem and have no solution. That’s just inhumane, so here are a few things you can do to get out of that depression cycle.

What you usually do: You eat your feelings out. You get that bucket of ice cream and those BFF Fries all for yourself because food is love and you need love right now. After gaining 5 pounds in one sitting you look in a mirror and cry some more because you think you look like a total fatty. Really? Are you kidding me, gurl?

What you should do: Yes, you binge for maybe an hour. You deserve it girl. After that shining Splenda-less hour you motivate yourself to look so man good that everyone will be thinking “OOOH GET EM” every time you pass by. Then you workout, start small but aim big! It’s okay if you aren’t that good at least you’re working out. You don’t have to do it regularly you just need enough bragging rights to say, “Oh yeah. Sorry I’m late I was working out.”


What you usually do: You re-watch all them #hugot movies. Here’s a list of your movie guilty pleasures; Pearl Harbor, The Notebook, The Fault in Our Stars, A walk to rememeber, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Vow, The Last Song, Dirty Dancing (ala New Girl Style), Pretty in Pink, Another Cinderella Story, Hachiko, Gone with the Wind, Marley and me, Titanic, UP, Lost in Translation, Ghost, and those huhu-why-is-the-world-so-cruel movies. Don’t even think about watching these movies. Don’t. Just don’t.

What you should do: Download Vine on your smartphone, Read Buzzfeed.com or watch their videos, you can also type 8th Grade Make-up Tutorials on Youtube. I swear you will laugh. It’ll be ten times better than crying when Hazel Grace talks about infinities and math.

What you usually do: Your friends try to help you and they even ask you to go out with them. You become dramatic and shut them out. Saying, you just can’t handle people at the moment. They go out anyways and you see the photos the next day then you’re all mad because they’re bad friends for going without you. Wew. Ala stupid lang ang peg.

What you should do: You go out with your friends, duh. The tricky part is I dare you not to talk about your problems. I want you to pretend like nothing happened and just let the fun times come rolling in. You do not want to cry in public and you don’t want people treating you in a special manner just because you’re depressed. You’re better than that!

What you usually do: You stalk all the people you hate and you read every single detail about their lives. You then find out that the person loves french fries, so you deliberately try to hate french fries because he/she loves them. If you know the person more there will be more things that will remind you of him/her.

What you should do: YOU STALK YOURSELF! This really helps. After looking through all your “nene” pictures and remembering all your problems before you think to yourself, “Hey! If I survived that then I can survive this!”. You’ll also be thinking, “OHMYGOD… I was so ugly before. Thank God I’m hot now”. Just kidding guys. Plus, you’ll see all the “nene” pics of your best friend. Yay! More leverage. This also helps; http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/594643 Enjoy!

What you usually do: #HUGOT Music to da max. You finally appreciate Taylor Swift music. She’s like your soul sister in times like this. You sing your heart out and you say things like, “PREACH IT SISTER! I feel ya!”. You then start crying because you feel so pathetic talking to figurative Taylor Swift.

What you should do: Hello, 8Tracks and Spotify. I’m usually the happiest when I uncover really cool new songs. I can talk to other people about it ask them if they know the song and they’ll be like no! then you smirk and be all oh you don’t know it! Look for the happy upbeat songs and make your sad days playlist. Wake up to a pocket full of sunshine, shower to a pocket full of sunshine, and dance to a pocket full of sunshine. Do it Emma Stone Style!

What you usually do: You live life normally and monotonously. You let life take control of you. You make the negativity a part of you. A part of your sadness. Sadness plus Sadness is not happiness. Happiness needs effort and the right amount of fluff.

What you should do: Shake things up! Life is too short to wear the same black patent shoes. Mess around and stop looking back. Be the you, you’ve always wanted to be because no one can control your emotions except for yourself. You are loved and loved a lot by everyone and by him(God). Date that guy you never thought would be the one, Go parasailing even if you’re afraid of heights, because you are not normal and that’s what makes you interesting. Do not dwell in sadness.


Hope you guys liked this! If you did then take a drive, roll down the windows, and shout I LOVE LIFE to the whole world.


Love you all!


10 ways to keep those peepers awake in class

Hello guys,

I really wish I could blog more, but school has been so hectic nowadays. I’m even writing this blog during my English Class. Hey, it’s still English considering that I am writing right now. We just finished Algebra and I kept falling asleep. It was weird because it was like I was doing a slow-mo head bang throughout the whole period. This event led me to blogging about how to keep awake during your worst class. Because honestly I’m the worst at Algebra, but I just can’t help falling asleep in that class.

Here we go;

1. Go to the restroom. I do this a lot. I take the long route to the restroom and I get that “The Hobbit” feeling when he goes,”I’m going on an adventure”. You can even wink at people at the corridor because ya know you’re bored, what else are you gonna do. YOLO. Ew, I can’t believe I said that.

2. Wash your face. It usually works, but if your teacher is too-boring-for-your-lyf then there will only be a 50% chance this will work.

3. If you find that the restroom is empty, I suggest you to do 10 jumping jacks and a few other workouts. If you’re really persevere in keeping awake, you can even do push ups and sit-ups on the floor. The thrill of touching the dirty restroom will surely keep your mind boggling during class.

4. Put on some mint lip balm. No real reason. It’s just so zesty.

5. Bring out your phone. The idea of doing something “rebellious” is just the right amount of thrill you need to keep you awake. It’s also a confidence boost, giving you the “Hehe! I’m using my phone in class. I’m such a badass” kind of feeling.

6. Put that minty Chinese sick stick around your eyes. This will make you cry, but it’s also pretty fun.

7. Raise your hand. You don’t need to have a question in mind or anything. Just do it anyways and you’ll just make something up along the way. The teacher might get mad but hey at least you’re awake.

8. Keep agreeing to whatever the teacher is saying. When the teacher is talking about postulates, or whatever geometric churvaloo out there be sure to keep answering back for no apparent reason. Keeping in the game is what it’s all about. Wink. Wink.

9. Let there be snacks. This literally is the best way to keep awake. You’re rebellious and health conscious. Surely with this trick you will not go anorexic. Some say you eat to live, but I live to eat. Don’t be masyadong PG naman.

10. Pinch yourself. I am not promoting self harm or anything like that, but seriously beating yourself up is one of the easiest ways to stay awake. Wanna know a fun trick? Of course you do! Wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you fall asleep you just stretch the band making it hit your wrist. Morbid? I say not.