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The Way Music Makes You Feel

I have been emotionally attached to an abstract feeling. I hear the rain outside my window mix with the majestic sound of the tenors and basses and it’s amazing.
I can’t seem to piece together why; why a melody could churn a heart, why I cry to crappy love songs when I’m heartbroken, and why I rejoice in upbeat tempos of fortissimo.
It appears to be a normal noise we all know, but it is also disguises itself as an unfamiliar sound of beauty. In waking moments like this I could just feel a presence, a sense of comfort.
I want to fall in love with a man the same way I fall in love with music .
I want the parts of the piece to completely compel me.
I want to feel the burning sensation in my chest when I feel a song has touched me.
I want to feel the warmth in my face as I begin to take in every lyric recited.
I want my heart to beat faster and faster as the tempo matches every pulse in the room.
I want every moment of this song were playing to make my life seem like it is far beyond whatever I thought it could be.
I want to be completely lost at a home I have found in no where.
I would never have survived without music.
I find the spirit in the melodies my favorite bands play. I find solemnity in the simplicity of quiet pieces. I find epiphany as every tone matches the wavelengths of my imperfectly wonderful life.
In this relationship, I will be the playful damsel dancing to each breath taking note you play.


#SeeTheRealMe in Johnson and Johnson’s newest campaign

candy johnson


I’ve recently participated in J&J+Candy’s See The Real Me Campaign. See The Real Me is a campaign which was pioneered by Demi Lovato. They got a bunch of girls to open up about their insecurities and problems, then they try to bring out the beauty in every person. Because we shouldn’t be labeled or branded as one thing, as women we are limitless. We can be anything we want to be! I think this is an important campaign and it’s great that J&J+Candy is working really hard on making this message trend. 

You can watch the video here: #SeeTheRealMe Video

Here’s the crew behind the scenes:



My make-up was done by Tatin Young. We’ve recently just worked together, so it was great seeing her again!


Here’s the whole crew, who helped me express during the shoot! It was loads of fun to work with them and super comfortable!


Here is my ever so supportive stage mom! 

It was incredible working on a project that brings out the best of the youth! I really believe in seeing the real person rather than just what we normally see! Thank you so much Candy Magazine for letting me be a part of this campaign!


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