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The Way Music Makes You Feel

I have been emotionally attached to an abstract feeling. I hear the rain outside my window mix with the majestic sound of the tenors and basses and it’s amazing.
I can’t seem to piece together why; why a melody could churn a heart, why I cry to crappy love songs when I’m heartbroken, and why I rejoice in upbeat tempos of fortissimo.
It appears to be a normal noise we all know, but it is also disguises itself as an unfamiliar sound of beauty. In waking moments like this I could just feel a presence, a sense of comfort.
I want to fall in love with a man the same way I fall in love with music .
I want the parts of the piece to completely compel me.
I want to feel the burning sensation in my chest when I feel a song has touched me.
I want to feel the warmth in my face as I begin to take in every lyric recited.
I want my heart to beat faster and faster as the tempo matches every pulse in the room.
I want every moment of this song were playing to make my life seem like it is far beyond whatever I thought it could be.
I want to be completely lost at a home I have found in no where.
I would never have survived without music.
I find the spirit in the melodies my favorite bands play. I find solemnity in the simplicity of quiet pieces. I find epiphany as every tone matches the wavelengths of my imperfectly wonderful life.
In this relationship, I will be the playful damsel dancing to each breath taking note you play.


#WritingisHard: Long Essays

Hola Internet,

I haven’t been blogging for the longest time, so I’m sorry blog. I miss you. #Sepanx much. Anyways, if you guys didn’t know, I am a member of the Candy Council of Cool this year. It’s like a student internship for Candy Magazine. I got in during November last year and I realized that whenever the teacher/editor/someone superior gives you a writing assignment, whatever word count it is, it’ll be hard.


You get a 5 paged, 10,000 word essay assignment in your English class and you look at your teacher mortified.


Then you start writing, but you’ve only reached 5,000 words in 2 pages


so you just repeat the “important points” over and over again but in different ways.

love her

You even place a graphic representation because whats an essay without a graphic representation? (Plus, you need to make sure it reaches 5 pages. Right, Honey?)


Finally, you’ve created a 5 paged 10,000 word essay that hasn’t been proofread

but its too long to proofread

so you ask your dad to do it and he declines because he’s too busy

then you ask your mom and she declines because she’s too busy

you ask your friends but they decline because they’re still doing their paper

so you resort to your younger sibling.

Nobody, including you, would wanna do it anyways so you just let her do it.

While she’s proofreading you gallivant with your friends.

By the time you start caring again it’s the day before your deadline and you have decided to read the final paper.

You find punctuation marks that aren’t supposed to be there and a bunch of misspellings

because in truth your sister didn’t actually proofread it she just said she would so you would stop whining about your paper.

You don’t have time to get mad because you need to get that paper proofread

You go to school the next day and ask to see your classmates papers, so you can compare your answers.

Then you realize all your classmates have something in their paper that you don’t. It could be a damn rubric you forgot to print out, our you forgot to put margins, maybe even a different line spacing, but the worst would have to be they printed it and you wrote it down in intermediate pad paper.

You’re fed up, so you’re grumpy the whole day.

You now have to pass your paper and because of all the anger you just give it up. Not looking back once.

But you do look back. Then this happens…

and your teacher goes…


Well, this is my article on passing long essays. Welcome back to school, mustafas!