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The Way Music Makes You Feel

I have been emotionally attached to an abstract feeling. I hear the rain outside my window mix with the majestic sound of the tenors and basses and it’s amazing.
I can’t seem to piece together why; why a melody could churn a heart, why I cry to crappy love songs when I’m heartbroken, and why I rejoice in upbeat tempos of fortissimo.
It appears to be a normal noise we all know, but it is also disguises itself as an unfamiliar sound of beauty. In waking moments like this I could just feel a presence, a sense of comfort.
I want to fall in love with a man the same way I fall in love with music .
I want the parts of the piece to completely compel me.
I want to feel the burning sensation in my chest when I feel a song has touched me.
I want to feel the warmth in my face as I begin to take in every lyric recited.
I want my heart to beat faster and faster as the tempo matches every pulse in the room.
I want every moment of this song were playing to make my life seem like it is far beyond whatever I thought it could be.
I want to be completely lost at a home I have found in no where.
I would never have survived without music.
I find the spirit in the melodies my favorite bands play. I find solemnity in the simplicity of quiet pieces. I find epiphany as every tone matches the wavelengths of my imperfectly wonderful life.
In this relationship, I will be the playful damsel dancing to each breath taking note you play.


Hi guys,

For the past few days I’ve been going to this Youth and Spirit Encounter. I have attended prayer meetings, worship, confession, and I was recently re-baptized. This would sound too much for someone who doesn’t usually go to prayer meetings. I know I was a bit surprised by the dedication of the people in worship, but after experiencing the Encounter I got so into Worship.

Here is why:

1. Practically, everyone is so nice. It’s like stepping into freaking Disneyland. They don’t care about who you are or what you’ve done they’re just happy you’ve decided to join the mission. At first you’d be scared. You’d be thinking this cant be real they’re planning something, but no, darling, that’s just Gods love.

2. You get to meet a lot of people. Once you get in you’re ambushed by a dozen of people and each of those people have someone they want you to meet, so you feel like a freaking celebrity moving around like a boss.

3. The songs are fantastic, especially if you have a good praise group or band. I had no idea that worship songs could actually sound so good. I’ve been in the chorale for 5 years and we sing worship songs there but they’re all so classical. There are actually worship songs for the youth like “Alive” by Hillsong Young and Free. It’s the video included in this article.

4. Every worship makes you feel like you’re in a concert. When you feel God’s presence sometimes you stand and put your hands up and start jamming to the song. At first you’d be thinking, “What the hell are they doing? Should I join in?”, well it’s up to you. Nobody in the room can judge you. Plus, its your moment with God so anything goes as long as you let it.

5. You receive gifts! Well, not concrete gifts. Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is 10x cooler. It’s like receiving super powers, except well they’re called gifts. Remember when they said you only use 30% of your brain? Well, it’s like unlocking the other 70%. First it would come off as scary, but after a while its one of the best things you could ever receive. Plus, the bragging rights of course. Just kidding you’re Holy now you can’t brag. Okay, just a little.

Wanna know the gifts you can receive? Check this link out. http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/what-are-gifts-of-the-spirit-a-bible-study/

6. Everyone hugs each other. Okay, I must admit one of my most favorite reasons for joining is the hugging because you get to hug all those fine ass looking mofos. A lot of hot people go to worship and every time you leave, take a shi*, arrive, sleep, stand up, or sit down they will always hug you. Face it tiger, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

7. This is the best reason. You get closer to God. I wish I could’ve reached out to God sooner because when you’re with him all your problems go away and that perfect love you can’t find from your boyfriend, or girlfriend, or parents, or siblings, or friends can be found in worship with God.

God Bless Everyone!